"Don't follow trends, start trends.

Don't compromise.

Believe in yourself because only the daring should make films, and

only the morally courageous should speak to another for two hours in the dark."    

-Marco Williams (Two Towns of Jasper)-

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In a nutshell, I believe in working hard and playing hard.

I reflect a great deal on my projects to find and bring out the inner meaning or story within.  I always do my best to bring that story to life in the videos I create.  There is a special satisfaction which comes from seeing a huge smile spread across a person's face once they've viewed what I created for them.  

I don't equate my work hours with the hands on the clock.  My work day revolves around project needs.  When it's time to work, I give my full attention to the project at hand.  I always create the best I'm capable of.  I believe in honesty and integrity.  With honesty, decisions can be made and a direction for creation can be established.  Without integrity there is no trust, and without trust there is no need to proceed.  

When it's time to play, well, I play with the same enthusiasm I give to my creations.  I enjoy spending time with my best friend and wife, Bua.  Other things are important in my life, but she is the reason for all the good that I do.  I enjoy nature, and get out romping in it every chance I get.  Often, I can be found cruising the highways and back roads on my Harley.